Organic Taco Seasoning Mix Recipe

tacos made with homemade organic taco seasoning mix from scratch

Don’t spend your money on store-bought taco seasoning along with all of its unnecessary ingredients including MSG, maltodextrin, a form of hydrolyzed sugar, and silicon dioxide, which may or may not be a problem, but given its many uses described on Wikipedia®, makes me nervous.  Instead, use standard ingredients from your spice rack to quickly make your own.  If you want, you can even make up extra and have it on hand for future meals.  Just be mindful to store it in an air-tight container so that the mix does not cake over time.  Of course, I used all organic spices, mostly Frontier brand and some McCormick.  But if you don’t have these, you can fall back to your conventional spices in a pinch.

Why do I use organic spices?
Organic spices are produced without the use of irradiation.  People can debate all day long whether or not food irradiation is hazardous to our health or not.  But since the scientific jury still seems to be out, I’m going to choose spices that have not been exposed to radio-active waste, thank you very much.  If you’re concerned with the cost of organic spices, I don’t blame you.  However, I encourage you to check your local natural market for a bulk spice section.  The Raisin Rack store near me in Westerville, Ohio has a great selection of bulk organic spices.  And if you have a spice rack or save your previous glass spice bottles, you can save a lot of money and the environment by buying bulk spices. 

-Teresa Harlow, Co-owner, Toucan Foods

Makes 6-8 Tacos
Prep Time: 5 minutes

1 ½ tsp organic chili powder
1/8 tsp organic garlic powder
1/8 tsp organic onion powder
1/8 tsp organic crushed red pepper flakes
1/8 tsp organic dried oregano
¼ tsp organic paprika
1 tsp ground cumin
½ tsp RealSalt® Sea Salt
½ tsp organic ground black pepper
Dash organic cayenne pepper

In a small bowl, mix all ingredients.  Tou use, sprinkle over meat before it is entirely done cooking but after you have drained off the fat.  Simmer 5 minutes and then spoon meat and other garnishes into taco shells.  Dinner is served!

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